PwC Melbourne

Melbourne, Australia

PwC Melbourne landscape 02

Fast-moving ideas revitalize and revolutionize relationships and expertise. PwC Australia’s new offices perfectly reflect this idea and cater to the associated needs thanks to cutting-edge interior design schemes, in which every single item has been selected meticulously. LaCividina’s Italian design complements the dynamic, enveloping surroundings of the offices in Sydney and Melbourne. Offering unparalleled comfort for visitors, they feature sophisticated, durable fabrics and aesthetic appeal, with a finishing touch added by artisan attention to detail. In Melbourne, a bolder selection of hues adorns the understated lines and full forms of Guest sofas, some of which are paired with Ala armchairs. The blend of formal and informal flavours is full of quintessential LaCividina details.

Interiors: Futurespace
Photography: Nicole England