LaCividina and its authentic Made in Italy, furnishes with brilliance and elegance one of the most innovative lobby’s in the world, able to combine comfort with business within an eclectic and flexible design.

George Place is a new district located within the business center of Sydney (Australia), which connects the three commercial buildings of George Street 363, George Street 345 and the historic York Street 24 through shared and connected environments.
Designed by the architects Fender and Katsalidis, the structure is an evolved vision of space, which is divided harmoniously between meeting areas, shops, restaurants and wellness area; all connected by a large luminous hall, the dynamic heart of the entire project.

A unique lobby, in which the armchairs Dep, designed by Luca Botto for LaCividina stand out as the only chromatic touch: a punctual variation of the versatility of spaces, which finds expression in forms that are rigorous and at the same time comfortable.
Excellence in workmanship, creative details and fine materials unite the furnishings of the entire environment, carefully designed to constitute a new point of reference for the best international design.
A touch of originality and technique that, even in Sydney, bear the name of LaCividina.

Design: Fender Katsalidis
Photography: Anthony Fretwell

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