From tomorrow through Sunday, LaCividina presents four new collections at the Salone del Mobile.

Taco – Alessandro Stabile
The soft chair consisting of two layers of natural felt and a very slender spring steel core that started the precious collaboration between LaCividina and Alessandro Stabile.

Twirl – Gordon Guillaumier
A cozy swirl inspires Gordon Guillaumier’s signature design, which synthesizes the elements of seating, writing desk and screen into a single high-backed armchair.

Idda – Antonino Sciortino
A steel sculpture that serves as a table and pays tribute to the beauty of Mount Etna, with its winding lava flows.

Borgo – Antonino Sciortino
The Borgo coffee table is a steel sheet featuring cuts at irregular intervals that are interconnected and call to mind the narrow streets of a picturesque Sicilian town.


LaCividina will be happy to welcome you with the new collections and a promenade of iconic pieces that have made it famous all over the world.

See you tomorrow


Credits: design by Sabine Marcelis, photo by Christoffer Regilds.

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