The Nice Place to Be is where laCividina is – New showroom – Via Manzoni 41 – Milan

The doors of the first LaCividina showroom could only open in the heart of Milan and on the occasion of Design Week. The Friuli-based Company will bring its nearly fifty years of made-in-Italy upholstered furniture design and culture inside the beautiful halls of Palazzo Borromeo d’Adda, in Via Manzoni 41.


This is the first permanent exhibition space for the Company. In about 250 square meters, visitors will have the opportunity to admire twenty iconic collections and never-before-seen pieces presented in a natural succession of “non-rooms” conceived by architect Luca Botto – who is also the Company’s Art Director – ready to be transformed according to needs and with the same flexibility that has always characterized LaCividina’s designs.

Lighting leads the visitor in a narration of the products, made even more effective and immersive by touch screens that optimize browsing and design phases. As soon as one steps in, the visitor’s path opens in a fluid, comfortable, and “texturized” way. This result is also obtained thanks to the contribution of the accurate interior choices curated by Studio Salaris and inspired by the historical palace itself. From the Nicosia green of the resin to the plasters, from the hemp oak parquet to the pre-existing marble, the choice of colors promotes tranquility and extends to the carefully selected complements, carpets, and fabrics.

Photo credit: https://eye-studio.it/