Honourable Mention at the Compasso D’Oro ADI

Within the spaces of the ADI Design Museum, laCividina, specifically the Taco chair, was awarded the Honourable Mention for the XXVIII Compasso d’Oro ADI in the “Design for Living” category.

Last year, the Taco chair, designed by Alessandro Stabile, was officially selected for publication in the ADI DESIGN INDEX. .

Born from a path of experimentation carried out over the years by Alessandro Stabile around the theme of developing three-dimensional forms starting from flat surfaces, the Taco armchair by laCividina is a true hymn to sustainability at 360°: from the materials that compose it to the production processes necessary for its realisation, not forgetting of course its possible future disposal.

A few simple elements ensure that the production steps are reduced to a minimum, resulting in less energy and material expenditure, for a seat that is lightweight and therefore transportable with less CO2 impact. In addition, the complete absence of glues makes Taco completely decomposable into all its components, which can thus be sent to the most correct recycling chain.

An aesthetic choice, for a more sustainable future, now also agreed upon by the most prestigious recognition of the production and design quality of Italian design.