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Design / Garcia Cumini, 2023

From the first collaboration between Garcia Cumini and LaCividina comes Agetti, an armchair with an architectural spirit that defies the rules of traditional seating.

The elements that create it also immediately define its identity: sharp and without exuberance, compact and perfect to fit into residential and commercial spaces with equal effectiveness.

The small sculpture by Garcia Cumini focuses on slender volumes and the sharpness of the seams, with an ever-present and “controlled” softness across the entire upholstery. All of this can be appreciated in a structure with a deliberately compact size available as an armchair and as a sofa.

With Agetti, LaCividina expresses its pragmatic, accurate, and solid nature, taking its manufacturing, technological, and craftsmanship skills to the highest levels.

Technical specifications


  • Reinforced frame for public area use
  • Flame-retardant polyurethane foam
  • Undeformable polyurethane foam of different densities
  • Reinforced stitching with carbon fiber support


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