Node+ is a well-structured and complex range of padded pieces, backrests, dividers and accessories. They can be used to design micro-architectural systems that provide the scope for relaxation, work, privacy and socializing, sometimes all at the same time. Padded pieces in a range of shapes and sizes form the cornerstone of the collection. They can be put together in endless arrangements that satisfy all of the needs of living rooms and public spaces. Seclusion and protection are provided by the divider panels; armrests, backrests and cushions can be positioned freely; the desk can be used for working; and the tables provide additional support.

Technical data

Immagine tecnica oriz EN Immagine tecnica vertEN


  • Reinforced frame for public area use
  • Flame-retardant polyurethane foam
  • Undeformable polyurethane foam of different densities
  • Reinforced stitching with carbon fiber support
  • Bases customizable with other colors on customer’s request

Wood finishes

  • fenix-nero-ingo-0720 Fenix Black Nero Ingo - 0720
  • fenix-bianco-kos-0032 Fenix White Bianco Kos - 0032
  • wood-graphite-brushed-oak Graphite Brushed Oak
  • wood-natural-brushed-oak Natural Brushed Oak

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