The inspiration for Ala’s design came from the stands for old plates on display in a decorative arts museum. It is plain to see in this collection of armchairs and sofas with a vintage flavour.
The backrests and armrests gracefully and airily fit into the wooden or metal bases.

Technical data

ala-techspec-en-desktop ala-techspec-en-mobile


  • Reinforced frame for public area use
  • Flame-retardant polyurethane foam
  • Undeformable polyurethane foam of different densities
  • Reinforced stitching with carbon fiber support
  • Bases customizable with other colors on customer’s request

Wood finishes

  • wood-graphite-stained-ash Graphite-stained ash
  • Wood - Natural Ash Natural ash

Metal finishes

  • metal-ivory Ivory
  • metal-pitch-black Pitch black
  • metal-plum Plum

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