The work of the blacksmith has been made as light as air.
The Accursio tables transcend the conventional heavyweight image of steel thanks to their ethereal forms, which conceal their stability and solidity.
Above the cross-shaped bases are round, square and rectangular tops that can be juxtaposed in iconic Mondrianesque compositions.

Technical data

accursio-techspec-en-desktop accursio-techspec-en-mobile


  • Other finishes on request

Metal finishes

  • metal-chocolate Chocolate
  • metal-cornflower Cornflower
  • metal-green-tea Green Tea
  • metal-ivory Ivory
  • metal-lacquered-brass Lacquered brass
  • metal-lacquered-bronze Lacquered bronze
  • metal-lacquered-copper Lacquered copper
  • metal-mud Mud
  • metal-pitch-black Pitch black
  • metal-plum Plum

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